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What is the climate like in Saint Barthélemy?

The climate of Saint Barthélemy has an average yearly temperature of 31°C. Throughout the year, the average monthly temperature can drop to 29°C and rise to 32°C.

Annually, about 1048 mm of rain falls. This gives a good overview of how much rain to expect in Saint Barthélemy.

The best time to visit Saint Barthélemy is January until June and December. During this period, you will experience pleasant temperatures and not too much rain, making it ideal to visit Saint Barthélemy.

Temperature 29 to 32°C
Rain 1048 mm


Sunny, but not too hot, perfect for sightseeing. However, th... more

Elise Nieuwenhuijzen

The climate of Saint Barthélemy

Climate table Saint Barthélemy

The climate table for Saint Barthélemy shows the average temperatures, rainfall, and UV index by month.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daytime temperature (°C) 29 29 29 30 30 31 31 32 32 31 30 29
Nighttime temperature (°C) 24 24 25 25 26 27 27 28 28 27 26 25
Rainfall (mm) 74 50 32 55 62 43 144 108 125 149 129 77
UV Index 7 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 8 8 7 7
Best month Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes

Temperature by month in Saint Barthélemy

This graph shows the average high temperatures in degrees Celsius for each month in Saint Barthélemy

Temperature by month in Saint Barthélemy

Rainfall by month in Saint Barthélemy

This graph shows the average monthly rainfall in millimeters in Saint Barthélemy.

Rainfall by month in Saint Barthélemy

UV index by month in Saint Barthélemy

This graph shows the average UV index by month in Saint Barthélemy.

UV index by month in Saint Barthélemy

Yearly temperature in Saint Barthélemy

This graph shows the average yearly temperature in Saint Barthélemy, measured in degrees Celsius.

Yearly temperature in Saint Barthélemy

Yearly total rainfall in Saint Barthélemy

This graph shows the average yearly rainfall in millimeters in Saint Barthélemy.

Rainfall per year in Saint Barthélemy

Weather experiences in Saint Barthélemy

The weather in Saint Barthélemy is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 1 visitor.

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Weather Experience: Excellent StarStarStarStarStar

Sunny, but not too hot, perfect for sightseeing. However, the lack of beaches and the sea does not make this an ideal summer swimming destination. The heat required constant hydration, especially in the afternoon. Less suitable for outdoor activities. Temperatures ranged between -1° and -10°C. Despite the cold, the clear skies were breathtaking at times. Temperatures regularly rose above 30 degrees, perfect for a beach vacation. We enjoyed hours of swimming in the incredibly clear sea. Unforgettable. Sunny moments alternated with light rain. Although the snow is already gone, the weather offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Warm clothing is recommended. Enjoyed sunshine and warm temperatures daily, perfect for a sun destination. Did not experience any rain. A wonderful vacation. It got a little hot on some days, but overall it was very good. Plenty of sunshine during the day, although it could rain at times in the evening. A pleasant balance between sunshine and refreshing rain showers. Although the sun was not as sharp and the sky was not always clear, the cool breeze in the evenings more than made up for this. Sunny and warm, ideal for a tropical vacation. Rained very sporadically, but that only made nature more beautiful. Definitely worthy of a 5-star rating. Ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Definitely recommended for a summer vacation. However, we missed some sunny days for a perfect 5 stars. The ideal sun destination in this season. Didn't see any rain, pure enjoyment. Being winter, some days were cloudy, but it did not spoil my vacation. There were a few rainy days, but nothing that could ruin our vacation. Just make sure you have sunscreen with you. Truly a 5-star climate. Despite the cold, the freshness of the air and blue skies made for a pleasant vacation. Winter sports enthusiasts will enjoy the good snow conditions in the mountain areas. However, brief but heavy rain showers were not uncommon, sometimes interrupting the trip. Wonderful weather for swimming and relaxing on the beach. However, relentless air quality in some cities could put a damper on the vacation. Unfortunately, there was less sun than expected. However, it is also the beginning of the rainy season, so there was some rainfall. Ideal for outdoor activities and enjoying nature. Just what you want for a sun destination, highly recommended. Some rain, but mostly nice weather. Ideal for rest seekers after the summer heat. However, often cloudy which blocked the sun a bit. In addition, the high humidity brought some discomfort, it made the heat overwhelming. Although there were occasional brief showers, it was mostly sunny and pleasantly hot. Not the sunshine destination you would think of. But if you like crisp, cloudy days, it's perfect. It wasn't too hot which made exploring nature and culture enjoyable. An ideal weather for a diverse vacation but lacked some constant sun for the 5 stars. During the day it was warm and sunny. Regular late afternoon showers but they were short. Great destination for sun lovers. During the day it was warm but not stifling. There was light rain, but it was not disruptive. There were plenty of sunny spells to enjoy. Temperatures were cold, but perfect for ski lovers. Breathtaking beauty and ideal conditions. There may be occasional showers, but there is certainly plenty of sunshine. Ideal for nature lovers. Lots of sunshine, warm temperatures around 28 degrees and the occasional refreshing breeze. Perfect for a sun vacation. Brilliant sunshine every day, perfect for beach days. Minimal chance of rain, always around 26 degrees. Perfect vacation weather. With temperatures around 30 degrees, clear blue skies and constant warm sea breezes, it's the ultimate sun destination. Ideal for a winter escapade. Some rain showers but mainly at night. Keep in mind high humidity. Although there was occasional rain, there was lots of sunshine with a nice sea breeze. A great sun destination in the spring. Bring an umbrella, but expect numerous warm and bright moments. During the day it was mostly sunny with temperatures around 20 °C - a delight for sunbathers. A few overcast, colder days, but not a letdown. It's definitely hot summer weather, perfect for adventure tours and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. But prepare for possible brief rain. Temperatures were milder than expected. Overall, a fascinating weather show. The temperature was pleasantly warm, but frequent rainstorms limited the sunshine hours. Prepare for the rainy season. The weather was around a pleasant 28-30 degrees. Only an occasional shower challenged but was quickly overcome by bright sunshine. Perfect Vacation. Daily temperatures of around 30 degrees and plenty of sunshine. An occasional shower, but that was quickly over. We were able to eat outside every day and enjoy the sunset. No rain so the excursions went flawlessly. A real sunshine destination. Occasionally there were heavy rainstorms, but they were brief. Abundant snow made for spectacular ski trips and the breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks were simply impressive. It was cold, but the charm of winter was undeniable. There were bright, sunny days with moderate temperatures, up to 20 degrees at times. Ideal for us sun seekers. There was very little rain. Not tropically warm, but just warm enough. A little colder than expected, but the sunshine made this experience very pleasant. Beautiful landscapes in fresh weather. The weather was perfect, with lots of sun and warmth - ideal for beach days and outdoor activities. Not a single day of rain. Truly a 5 star experience. The days are short but breathtakingly beautiful. There is a mix of sun, clouds and sporadic rain. Temperatures are mild enough for outdoor activities during the day, but do bring warm clothes for the cooler evenings. Fairly rainy days and temperatures range from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. For sun destination or winter sports enthusiasts, perhaps not ideal, but the landscapes are breathtaking. An unexpectedly perfect time to visit, with days full of sunshine and cooling breezes. The ideal weather for sightseeing and relaxing by the lake. Fantastic. Unfortunately with occasional tropical rains, but that's to be expected. The sun made up for a lot. Sunny, warm and with a light breeze - just what you would hope for in a tropical destination. Perfect for relaxing on the beach, swimming and diving. An absolute 5-star experience. Daytime temperatures hovered around 18-20 °C, ideal for sightseeing. Extraordinary spring experience. The sun was shining brightly! Beautiful blue skies throughout the day. Ideal for a sun vacation. Clear blue skies from morning to evening, so ideal for intense swimming in the pleasant Moroccan sea. An absolute 5-star weather experience. However, there was a bit more cloudiness and rain than expected. Fine weather for various activities, but missed the constant sunshine. During the day it is sunny and warm, perfect for outdoor activities. At night it cools off pleasantly. Gorgeous, clear weather without a cloud in the sky. With sporadic sunlight and a good amount of clouds and rain, the weather was not idyllic for a winter sun vacation. Remember to bring an umbrella. An overnight rain shower made it cool and crisp. Highly recommended. Perfect temperatures for safaris and desert walks, with lots of sunshine and no rain. An absolute paradise for sun lovers and adventurers. Lots of sunshine, perfect temperatures for the beach and the water was lovely. This is definitely a top destination for any sun lover. Memories of blissful beach days and enchanting sunsets are unforgettable. Nothing is better for sun lovers. The sea is enticing with pleasant temperatures, making swimming delightful. An occasional rain shower may surprise. Although sunny days occur, heavy rain and muggy weather made for an unpredictable vacation. Temperatures are more pleasant than in the heat of summer, but unpredictable rain showers can sometimes interrupt activities. I can't really call it sunny or winter weather. Although there were some rain showers, the temperature was always comfortable and the landscape in its full green splendor. The sun was welcome whenever it shone. Temperatures were cold, but that is to be expected. A perfect 5 star winter sports destination. A sun destination to remember. Ideal for outdoor activities, but not ideal for beach lovers as temperatures are a little too low for swimming. Beautiful clear skies. Breathtaking landscapes and glaciers. Perfect for beach lovers. A strong 5-star experience. The sun shone brightly every day with a pleasant temperature, perfect for enjoying the beach and nature. A sun destination like no other. Although not ideal for sun or winter sports lovers, the atmosphere and beauty of the city made it worthwhile. A few tropical showers, but they never lasted long. Beautiful sun destination. Mild temperatures around 20 degrees made it ideal for exploring Riyadh and experiencing its desert beauty. Abundant sunshine, no precipitation, in short perfect weather. An occasional day of rain threw a little spanner in the works, but overall the weather was lovely. Alternating with rain, there were also sun-drenched days. Ideal for walks in the beautiful countryside, but a jacket is essential. Not a destination for sun worshippers. The perfect sun destination. This resulted in high rainfall and humidity, making outdoor activities mostly impossible. Although it had high humidity and occasional rain showers, they provided cooling. Do keep in mind the unpredictable weather. There were days full of sunshine, but also cold days with temperatures around freezing and light snowfall. Perfect for early winter sports or a quiet city break. Perfect for outdoor activities and relaxing on the coast. At most a bit colder in the morning and evening, but generally lovely. However, there were a few days with unexpected rain showers. Nevertheless, still warm. Temperatures were pleasant and warm, as were the welcoming smiles of the locals. Although the sporadic rain disrupted some outdoor activities, the beauty of the landscape after a rain made up for everything. Ideal for those who love sunny days! Perfect 5-star weather experience. Lots of sunshine, wonderfully warm but not stifling, averaging around 25°C. An ideal mix of warmth and refreshing sea breezes makes it perfect vacation weather. An excellent sunshine destination. Although it was not excessively sunny, it did not ruin the experience. Some cloudy days. Although not a beach destination, you can enjoy the sunny desert climate. It is very dry, so be ready to drink lots of water. Not for soft skin, but an in-the-raw sun destination. Beach days are guaranteed with rarely a cloudy day. Perfect for a sun vacation. While there was some sun, there were also quite a few rain showers that sometimes messed up our vacation plans. Warm but humid. A slight lack of wind for surfers, but overall great. The warm, tropical weather created an ideal setting for swimming and sunbathing moments. A few rain showers, but nothing that spoiled the tropical experience. However, humidity is high and there were a few sudden rain showers. For sun lovers, still excellent. Constant sunshine and not a cloud in sight. Warm but bearable. A real summer destination for sun lovers. A 5-star experience. Clear blue skies everywhere and plenty of sunshine, perfect for a wonderful beach vacation. Temperatures were pleasant. Temperatures range between 25-30 degrees, which is pleasant as a sun destination. However, there can be unexpected rain showers. Still a delight. Beautiful sunny weather, with refreshing sea breezes. Perfect for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Unforgettable. Lots of sunshine and a constant temperature around 30 degrees. Perfect for a beach vacation. Little rain and lots of sunshine every day. A perfect place for beach lovers and sunbathers. Despite the heat, a refreshing sea breeze gave relief. A sublime summer vacation. Absolute 5-star weather. Mostly cloudy, gray and rainy days. For a winter sports or sun destination, Jersey is not recommended at this time of year. Lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees. An occasional cloudy day, but otherwise ideal for both relaxation and sightseeing. Highly recommended. Occasional tropical rains occurred, but they were brief and refreshing. The sea water was great for swimming. Ideal for outdoor activities. Rain and wind are omnipresent. Not ideal for sunbathers. Limited outdoor activities possible. Not too hot, so combining sightseeing and relaxation was pleasant. A little rain, but sun dominated. About 24°C was ideal. Temperatures were extremely cold as expected, but snowfall was plentiful and made the landscapes truly enchanting. An absolute winter sports dream. In the evening it cooled off pleasantly. Exactly as you would hope in a tropical paradise. There were sunny spells and sporadic, brief rain showers that provided refreshment. All in all, a playground for every sun lover and tropical adventurer. Occasionally there was a brief rain shower, but it did not interfere with our activities. A great destination for summer. The sunny weather and warm sea breeze made my stay phenomenal. Continuous bright sunshine with a refreshing sea breeze, great. There were a few rain showers, but mostly short and heavy. The sea water was pleasant to swim in. All in all, a great vacation spot. The sun was shining non-stop and the temperatures were downright pleasant. A few rain showers, but mostly at night. Great weather for beach and swimming. Unfortunately, there was some rain, so not quite perfect. The sun shone almost all the time and the temperatures were lovely. A perfect sun destination to relax and top up your tan. Although the landscape is covered in beautiful snow, strong winds and freezing temperatures make for challenging conditions. Not ideal for sun lovers or light winter sports enthusiasts. Plenty of sunshine and an average temperature of 28 degrees. Top sun destination, the sea breeze makes it good to stay out. Ideal weather conditions for a tropical vacation.— This text has been automatically translated into English

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Average weather in Saint Barthélemy by month

Click on a month below to see in detail how the weather typically is in Saint Barthélemy and what to expect. Based on the historical weather data of Saint Barthélemy, you can view the average temperature, rainfall, wind, and UV index for each day of the month.