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What is the climate like in Málaga?

The climate of Málaga has an average yearly temperature of 25°C. Throughout the year, the average monthly temperature can drop to 17°C and rise to 34°C.

Annually, about 385 mm of rain falls. This gives a good overview of how much rain to expect in Málaga.

The best time to visit Málaga is February until July and September until December. During this period, you will experience pleasant temperatures and not too much rain, making it ideal to visit Málaga.

Temperature 17 to 34°C
Rain 385 mm
The climate of Málaga
  • Average yearly temperature: 25°C
  • Highest temperature: 34°C in August
  • Lowest temperature: 17°C in January
  • Rainfall: 385 mm per year, averaging 32 mm by month
  • Driest months: 0,1 mm in July, 0,7 mm in August and 3,4 mm in June
  • Wettest months: 79 mm in March, 55 mm in November and 51 mm in January

Climate table Málaga

The climate table for Málaga shows the average temperatures, rainfall, and UV index by month.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daytime temperature (°C) 17 18 20 22 25 30 32 34 29 25 20 18
Nighttime temperature (°C) 8 9 11 13 16 19 22 22 19 16 11 9
Rainfall (mm) 51 36 79 31 29 3,4 0,1 0,7 19 40 55 40
UV Index 5 6 7 8 9 9 9 9 8 6 5 5
Best month No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Temperature by month in Málaga

This graph shows the average high temperatures in degrees Celsius for each month in Málaga, Spain

Temperature by month in Málaga, Spain

Rainfall by month in Málaga

This graph shows the average monthly rainfall in millimeters in Málaga, Spain.

Rainfall by month in Málaga, Spain

UV index by month in Málaga

This graph shows the average UV index by month in Málaga, Spain.

UV index by month in Málaga, Spain

Yearly temperature in Málaga

This graph shows the average yearly temperature in Málaga, Spain, measured in degrees Celsius.

Yearly temperature in Málaga, Spain

Yearly total rainfall in Málaga

This graph shows the average yearly rainfall in millimeters in Málaga, Spain.

Rainfall per year in Málaga, Spain

More climate information about Málaga

The climate of Malaga, a city located on the southern coast of Spain, is undoubtedly one of the city's biggest attractions. Making it an ideal destination for vacationers, expats and anyone looking for a pleasant place to live or visit, regardless of the season. With its mild winters, warm summers, and abundance of sunlight, Malaga offers a climate that is hard to beat, a true Mediterranean oasis that continues to attract and enchant.

A Mediterranean oasis

Málaga enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters. This climate pattern makes the city an attractive destination for those seeking a pleasant escape from the more extreme weather conditions elsewhere.

The average annual temperature in Malaga is a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius, with a relatively low annual precipitation of about 207 mm. It is mostly dry during the year, with an average humidity of 68% and a UV index of 5, contributing to its more than 3,400 hours of sunshine per year.

Summer heat and winter heat


The summer months in Malaga are particularly hot, with July being the hottest month when temperatures average around 28 degrees Celsius. However, the city's proximity to the sea helps make the heat more bearable, with cooling breezes often blowing from the water. Unlike many other regions, where the summer heat can be unbearable, Malaga offers a comfortable warmth that is perfect for both relaxing at the beach and exploring the city.

The winters are mild with January being the coldest month, when temperatures average around 14 degrees Celsius. These mild temperatures, combined with the city's sunny days, make Malaga a popular winter destination for anyone looking for an escape from the cold and dreary winter months in their home countries.

Best climate in all of Europe


Some visitors prefer nearby cities such as Almería, because of its drier climate, or Marbella, which has slightly cooler summers than Málaga. However, many agree that the coast of Spain, with Málaga in particular, offers the best climate in all of Europe, with mild winters, enough summer heat to pleasantly warm pools and the Mediterranean, and enough rainfall to support natural vegetation without being excessive.

Best time to visit Málaga

Malaga is a popular sun destination on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. If you like the heat and sun, Malaga is the place to be. The best time to visit Malaga is between May and October.

Malaga is blessed with an excellent Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine all year round. The summer period is long from May to October with hot temperatures in July and August. These two months are not recommended for a city break. It is better to visit in spring or autumn.

The weather in winter is mild and the sea is still warm enough to take a dip. When you come out of the water cooled down, the sun will warm you up again in no time. All this together makes it a place that can be visited all year round.

Weather experiences in Málaga

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Average weather in Málaga by month

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